Founded in 2020, Naija Comm is a space for Nigerians in overlooked career fields & for creatives.


There are two reasons why this space was created:

1.) To showcase Nigerians in industries that have minimal diversity & representation.

2.) Within our community, there are certain fields that receive more recognition and praise than other fields. This leaves non-traditional and “unpopular” fields unnoticed and disregarded. There’s a stigma that traditional roles provide more money and opportunities...well, that’s not always true. The reality is anyone can succeed in their career whether it is traditional or not. There are even non-traditional careers that provide more money and opportunities than traditional careers. 


We love a good traditional career field but must we all be in it? Is it by force?!


Naija Comm was created to break barriers and shift narratives within our community. To end the constant societal pressure to pursue a traditional career path. To emphasize the importance of representation, fulfilling your purpose, and following your dreams regardless of what anyone says.


Overall, to celebrate Nigerians who are in overlooked career fields.

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