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Naija Comm highlights the rise of new Nigerians.


- Kulture Hub


Founded in 2020, Naija Comm is a global space for Nigerian creatives & professionals in overlooked career fields.


It's a community-based media platform & creative hub that celebrates, connects, and empowers Nigerians in various creative disciplines and areas, such as communications, the arts, and more.


We're here for the Nigerians breaking barriers in their career and our community overall, while challenging stigmas and shifting narratives. NC has had various guest speakers and collaborated with many brands, such as HBO and I Am An Immigrant. Our media platform provides job opportunities, networking events, giveaways, and more.


AfroTech calls it the "rapidly growing space that showcases and connects Nigerians."

We call it a space unlike no other.


To continue fostering a space and platform for our people & their stories that aren't typically seen or heard enough. To build a space that highlights the unique paths we aren’t accustomed to.


To diminish the constant societal pressure to pursue a traditional career path.


Overall, to emphasize the importance of diverse representation, fulfilling your purpose, and following your dreams regardless of what anyone says.

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